Episode 1: Symons and Weissman, part 1

The apprentice’s conversation is between myself and Jon Symons. Jon has been trading seriously since 2009 and is well underway to success, though not with the consistent profits to back that up – yet. We discuss several aspects of trying out trading styles, why we self-sabotage, and what trading and golf have in common.

The master feedback comes from Richard Weissman. Richard is a professional trader with over twenty-five years’ experience. He has provided private consultations and training to traders and risk managers for twenty years. He currently serves as a Senior Associate with the Energy Management Institute (www.emi.org), where he teaches trading and risk courses, which are co-sponsored by CME Group (www.cmegroup.com) and the IntercontinentalExchange (www.theice.com). Richard’s first book, Mechanical Trading Systems, was published by John Wiley & Sons in 2004. His second book, Trade Like a Casino: Find Your Edge, Manage Risk, and Win Like the House, was selected as a Finalist for the Technical Analyst 2012 Book of the Year Award.

Both conversations were quite lengthy so I decided to split the podcast in two… This first part contains most of my conversation with Jon plus the first third or so of Richard’s feedback.

Richard really provides honest and detailed feedback to Jon. I know my trading skills improved from that. I hope yours will too! Enjoy.

Episode 001: Symons-Weissman


5 thoughts on “Episode 1: Symons and Weissman, part 1

  1. My appreciation to you, Thomas, for your inspiration and effort to launch this podcast. It was very useful to reflect on my personal nascent journey as a trader, and to plan for its continuous evolution.

    John Symons, wishing you all the best in achieving your trading goals, and more importantly finding a deeper peace and contentment in your life. I am awed by your level of candor and echo Richard’s praise for your courage to lay it out there. Only the truly strong, can do it.

    Richard Weissman, the introductory credentials for you were not necessary. Your wealth of expertise and competence shout out for all to see. Your deft and gracious phrasing of your responses further reveals a thoughtful and a generous spirit. I am already richer as a trader for having heard your recommendations and views.

    1. Thanks Lazare! Hope to keep giving value and helping people along in their journeys. If this resonate with you, then consider appearing on the podcast yourself – use the contact form to message me!

      That invitation is of course open to all traders.

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