Episode 3: Wenzhan and Ebert

The apprentice’s conversation is between myself and Wenzhan. Wenzhan has been trading for six years and is still alive, although not with the consistent profits yet. We talk about riding the roller coaster, about the art of taking profits, about consistency and balance, and about support from your network.

The master feedback comes from Christopher Ebert, also known as the Option Scientist.

Christopher specializes in option trading for the everyday retail trader. His option trading book Show Me Your Options!, co-authored with Steve Burns, is among the most popular option trading books available. He also writes about option trading at zentrader.ca, including a weekly summary of the option indices – exclusively at zentrader.ca.

Christopher studies options on a daily basis, he trades options almost exclusively, and he enjoys sharing his experiences with anyone who is interested. And all traders should be interested in what Christopher has to say. I benefited a lot from it, and I hope you will too.

Episode 003: Ebert-Wenzhan

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