Episode 10: Radge and Clifford

Today’s apprentice is Jeremy Clifford. Jeremy has worked for Vanguard, but as he said to me he is living proof that the licenses mean nothing for one’s trading skills. The master feedback comes from Nick Radge, aka The Chartist. Nick is the author of several books, his most famous being Unholy Grails – A New Road to Wealth and Weekend Trend Trader. He is the Director of The Chartist – a subscription service for individual investors, and he’s got a lot of high quality presentations freely available on his site and on YouTube.

Topics covered include trading an edge, the effect of trade frequency, challenges of trading a small account, and how to add more systems and markets the right way – even with a small account.

Episode 010: Radge-Clifford

One thought on “Episode 10: Radge and Clifford

  1. I am surprised that Jeremy started in 2009 and have read the 2 great books of Michael covel and William o’neil but have not increased his account substantially. I am a CANSLIM follower which actually a time tested trend following system for growth stocks and a great system to follow especially if you dont have big capital. But you will not appreciate the system if you don’t subscribe to Investors Business Daily which is the money making part of the system and it’s only $29 a month. Since Jeremy is good in research, why don’t he check the stocks that were in the IBD 100 list at the time he started trading and look at their charts and see what he missed. Since he already have a system and want to trade stocks with it , my advise is subscribe to Investors Business Daily and trade the stocks that they show there using your system and see what happens. I started with small account too and had big wins and big losses but that’s because I have not really follow the system completely. When I started following it that’s when I made a steady gains with smaller losses. Just like Nick Radge said that if you have a small account and you are trading 50 trades in a year and only making 10% then commissions will eat your account. I f you find 1-3 growth stocks and you trade them for 18 months , following your rules , you can triple your account and you can find them easy in IBD.

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