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Step 002 – Becoming a pro

puller-1156616-640x456One of the things I have understood from all the books I’ve read about trading and from the conversations I’ve had with great traders is this: In order to become a professional trader, you have to put in the effort, the time, the money, and most importantly you have to decide to become a pro.

I understood this a long time ago, but I did not apply it. Why? Because I could not find an answer to this question: Continue reading

Step 001 – The Journal of the Journey

hands-1373363_1280I have decided to become a Master Trader!

There, I said it. The effort I made a few years back is not in vain: The establishing of relationships with the Masters as well as the sometimes fragile beginning traders. The interviewing. The mixing and arranging of podcast episodes. Spreading the word about this project. Receiving all that feedback. All this work… and what came of it? Continue reading