Step 001 – The Journal of the Journey

hands-1373363_1280I have decided to become a Master Trader!

There, I said it. The effort I made a few years back is not in vain: The establishing of relationships with the Masters as well as the sometimes fragile beginning traders. The interviewing. The mixing and arranging of podcast episodes. Spreading the word about this project. Receiving all that feedback. All this work… and what came of it? Continue reading

Episode 9: Abraham and Cullen

The apprentice today is Patrick Cullen. Patrick is having a rough ride. He has tried most methodologies and most of the markets without finding his true trading home. We talk about how to find it, how to build trust in your methodology, and about the value of persistence and knowledge.

The Master feedback comes from Andy Abraham Continue reading

Episode 7: Smith and Gibbons

The apprentice today is Scott Gibbons. Scott is a brand new trader, trading only Forex for the time being. We talk about the importance of the daily process, systems development, and how to overcome being underfunded.

The Master feedback comes from Robert F. Smith, author of the newsletter Smith In The Black. Besides trading his own account, Rob coaches and trains other traders. Check out his YouTube channel and his profile on His high energy feedback to Scott involves topics such as risk management, trading equities via options, and how to gain confidence in your own capabilities as well as in your system.

Episode 007: Smith-Gibbons

Episode 5: Guruprasad and Basso

Today’s apprentice is Guruprasad from India. He has been playing the markets since 2006 with wild swings in equity. Thanks to luck, he claims, he came out profitable. We talk about what happened then, and how he completely turned his market views around and became “a refined guy” from reading just one single book.

The Master who listened in is Tom Basso Continue reading