What is this about?

My name is Thomas Dall, and I am a trader. Or rather, it is my goal to become a good trader.

As aspiring new traders we have access to an abundance of learning materials. Books, blogs, Facebook groups, you name it… But I feel something is missing. Where is the voice of the new trader? Where can he ask all the questions he’s got? He might be worrying that they’re not the right questions, that they’re not worthy for a Master Trader to answer. And a Masters time is valuable. He cannot possibly help all individual new traders.

Imagine the workshop of the renaissance Master. Two of his apprentices are relaxing after a day at work, talking. They talk about their goals and dreams. They talk about their fears and worries. They share what they’re each good at and what they’re struggling with. Unbeknownst to them, the Master overhears their conversation. The next day, he gathers his apprentices and talks to them about the very issues they discussed the previous night. Because he knows exactly where they are in their development, he can paint a clear picture of the landscape they’re traveling and of the road ahead.

Here is my idea:  I am myself a new trader. I will interview another new trader, or rather, have a conversation with him like the two apprentices had.  Afterwards, the Master will talk about that conversation and provide feedback to the new trader. That’s the idea behind The Master Trader’s Workshop.

You may ask: Why go through all this trouble? Why not ask the Master directly for mentoring?  First, that would be just my own issues from my own limited perspective, but in this way it becomes so much bigger than myself. I get to turn over issues and challenges that perhaps I never even considered. Second, I can help many more budding traders just like me. I get the gift of giving. And the Master gets the same benefit of giving without being exploited in time and effort. Everybody wins.

8 thoughts on “What is this about?

  1. So thats it? Are you done? If so its a shame, I really enjoyed your podcast. Trade well, Dan

    1. Hi Dan,
      Not done, taking a break! There are two podcast episodes in the making so stay tuned.

        1. Thanks Dan. No more podcasts for the time being though. Instead my personal story of applying the lessons from the Masters!

  2. Hi, I like the concept of this podcast. You mentioned new podcasts coming. Guess its been a while. Any updates? Thanks.

    1. Thanks Ranga. I have no intention of resuming the podcast as of now (Feb 2017). I simply don’t have the time.

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